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Group Introduction
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Introduction to
shandong Henderson group
Shandong hengji group co., LTD. Is located in yuncheng, the birthplace of the historic water margin culture.It is adjacent to jining airport and jinan airport......
Enterprise idea
  • Enterprise vision
    Keep forging ahead
  • Corporate mission
    The entrepreneurial newspaper service is dedicated to serving the people and benefiting the employees.
  • Purpose of the enterprise
    To achieve the win-win innovation and development brand with quality.
  • Development goals
    Competition leading industry to create a Chinese brand to be a domestic strong enterprise casting a hundred years Henderson.
  • Business philosophy
    The good faith、innovation、management、talent、profits、dedication
  • Team culture
    loyalty、 unity、 positive、 obey、 principle、 result
  • Enterprise spirit
    Career first、Honesty、Solidify、cooperation、innovative
  • management principle
    market first、customer、oriented、quality of the enterprise、 benefit sharing
  • marketing concept
    take stock、quickly respondence
  • quality idea
    perseverance、keep improving
  • learning beliefs
    self-elimination、 self-transcendence
  • innovation idea
    Thread decides outlet、 Deepness makes highness
  • Concept of crisis
    run scared、walking on a wire
  • International concept
    The mind world、pursuit of excellence
  • Concept of high-quality goods
    keep improving、To Be Better
  • work ethic
    time savin、 increase efficiency
  • Moral idea
    Highest standard of integrity、 teamwork
  • International concept
    The mind world、To Be Better

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