Warmly celebrate the establishment of the Committee of the Communist Party of China Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd.

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2022-08-27 14:36




Comrade Zheng Congjun

Speech at the inaugural meeting of the Party Committee of Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd.

Distinguished leaders, all party members and comrades:
Hello everyone! With the high attention, strong support and careful help of the Yuncheng County Party Committee, the Yuhuangmiao Town Party Committee and the Park Management Committee, and after more than a month of active preparations by the company, today, we are here to hold the establishment of the Party Committee of Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd. General Assembly. Today is a good day. It is the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. All parts of the country and all walks of life are immersed in the joy of the party's birthday, expressing their gratitude, love and support for the party in various forms. The fact that our Henderson Group can establish a party committee on such a day is the party's trust and support for our company, and it is a major manifestation of the company's firm commitment to the party and its active participation in the cause of socialist construction. It is under the care and support of the party, and under the leadership of the party committee of Henderson Group, which has fully played its role and led the group's subsidiaries to unite and seek common development, Henderson Group has achieved today's gratifying results.
Under the banner of the party fluttering in the wind, I am honored to gather with you to celebrate the establishment of the Henderson Group Party Committee. This is a major move of Henderson Group in building an excellent corporate culture and exploring a scientific development path. It is a milestone and important event in the company's development history. To this end, let us express our heartfelt congratulations on the establishment of the company's party committee with warm applause!
The conference was warmly cared and highly valued by the Organization Department of the Yuncheng County Party Committee, the Yuhuangmiao Town Party Committee and the Park Management Committee. Minister Li of the Yuncheng County Party Committee, Wang Yan, Secretary of the Yuhuangmiao Town Party Committee, and Director Zhou of the Park Management Committee attended Come to the conference to guide you in your busy schedule. Let us express our heartfelt thanks for their visit and guidance with warm applause!
The construction machinery manufacturing industry is an important basic industry of the country, and bears the major responsibility for the country's economic development and the national economy and people's livelihood. Henderson Group is a large-scale construction machinery processing enterprise that has grown rapidly under the leadership of the party and guided by the scientific development concept and the national industrial policy. Relying on the favorable economic and social development environment of Yuncheng County, the company has achieved considerable development since it invested and built a factory in the park in 2007.
In the past few years, the company has firmly followed the party, earnestly studied and deeply understood the party's principles and policies, correctly judged the international and domestic political and economic situation, effectively grasped the development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry, and closely integrated the company's actual development. The company's strategic planning for each stage of development has achieved a rapid development path from plant construction to production, from trial production to formal production.
Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of engineering machinery parts and car engine crankshafts, and also engages in commerce, logistics, and credit. It has ten subsidiaries including Henderson gears, structural parts, crankshafts, forging, commerce, logistics, and credit. At present, the group covers an area of ​​more than 400 mu, with a construction area of ​​250,000 square meters. There are more than 1,500 employees, including 980 engineers and technicians. At present, the company has excellent equipment and complete supporting facilities to produce excavator upper and lower frames, sticks, booms, buckets; various types of bulldozer blade assemblies, trolley assemblies Assembly, winch assembly, pump arm of pump truck, frame of mixer truck, various gears (m0.5-m8) and final drive gears (m8-m14) of gearbox, etc., the annual production capacity of gears is 1 million pieces, and the annual production 20,000 sets of construction machinery vehicle accessories. The company has passed GB/T19001-2008 certification, and has been awarded as "Excellent Private Enterprise in Shandong Province", "Provincial-level Trustworthy and Contract-honoring Enterprise", "Top 60 Enterprises in Heze City", and was rated as "Provincial-level Enterprise" by Shandong Province in 2010. "Technology Center Enterprise", etc., ranked the first in the tax payment of private enterprises in Yuncheng for four consecutive years, and the first in the construction machinery industry in Heze City.
While the company is developing rapidly, we have never forgotten the kindness of the party and the support and help from all walks of life to us. Since the establishment of the factory, the company has successively accepted arrangements for more than 200 demobilized soldiers, laid-off workers, more than 200 unemployed youths, and more than 100 migrant workers. "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake, I responded immediately and donated 220,000 yuan to the disaster area. In the Yushu earthquake, I donated to the disaster area again. A total of 85 students from poor families who could not afford to go to college were sent to the vocational college for targeted training in the major of machinery. Whether it was a natural disaster or helping the masses, as long as the people were in need, I gave generously and donated money and materials with a total value of more than 2 million yuan.
Under the leadership of the party, Henderson Group has accumulated valuable spiritual wealth while achieving good economic and social benefits.
First, it seized the development opportunities of national economic transformation and industrial upgrading, and entered the construction machinery manufacturing industry. Guided by the scientific concept of development and the concept of circular economy, we have adopted advanced and applicable technologies at home and abroad to achieve low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, and achieve the unity of economic, environmental and social benefits.
Second, it seized the opportunity of preferential policies from the national financial sector and withstood the enormous pressure of the international financial crisis.
The third is to establish the work idea of ​​"focusing on operating benefits, perfecting system construction, standardizing company operations, and consolidating basic management", and coordinating the development of the company with scientific and modern management, to achieve stable production of production equipment. Increased production and steady improvement in operating efficiency.
Fourth, it is guided by the advanced corporate culture of Henderson Group, with the slogan of "Integrity is like a tripod, dedicated to building", taking independent innovation and continuous innovation as the driving force of enterprise development, adhering to the concept of "people-oriented, customer first, manufacturing high-quality products", Adhering to the principle of "honoring contracts and keeping promises" and the core values ​​of "being a person first and then doing things", we have created a good corporate atmosphere for starting a business and seeking common development. The rapid development of the company in the past is inseparable from the leadership and support of the party. Henderson has established a party organization since December 2007. It has developed 59 party members, and some prospective party members are undergoing organizational inspection. Henderson regards "strengthening party building, improving quality, and seeking development" as the general starting point for party building and enterprise development, closely following the production and operation of the enterprise, innovating various party building activities, and carrying out "Party Member Responsibility Area", "Party Member Pioneer Post", "Party Member Demonstration posts", "Party member technical research team", "One Party member, one flag" and other activities, so that "the party organization is established, the party's life is formalized, the party member's identity is brightened, and the party member's role is brought into play", in order to further expand the "party member" Demonstration post" creation activity, all party members of the company carried out "five pioneers", namely: striving to be a pioneer in entrepreneurship and development, a pioneer in love and dedication, a pioneer in honest management, a pioneer in promoting harmony, and a pioneer in dedication. The competition of "striving to be excellent employees, to produce high-quality products, and to create excellent services" has greatly brought into play the exemplary role of Communist Party members in private enterprises.
The establishment of the party committee is another major achievement of the company's innovative enterprise management. How to consolidate this achievement, give full play to the role of the party committee, and promote the scientific development, leapfrog development and harmonious development of the enterprise is a major issue before us.
First, we must focus on party building around the economy, and do a good job in party building to promote development. After the establishment of the party committee, our company will vigorously adhere to the principle of "concentric with the party, law-abiding operation, scientific development, and striving for demonstration", do a good job in the construction of party organizations, enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of party organizations, and closely focus on the center of production and operation. The working idea of ​​"scientific development for stability, strengthening of implementation and implementation, detail management for benefits, and independent innovation for long-term results", seize development opportunities, and strive to build a resource-saving, environment-friendly, and intrinsically safe new type of mechanical processing enterprise, Strive to make Henderson Group a first-class machining enterprise in the whole province and even the whole country.
2. It is necessary to give full play to the "magnet effect", train party members into the backbone of enterprise operation and management, and cultivate the backbone of enterprise operation and management into party members, so that the activities of the party committee can truly become a visible productivity of the enterprise. After the establishment of the party committee, the majority of party members have a new home in the organization and have a political sustenance. It is necessary to further enhance their sense of identity and responsibility for the enterprise, and through their own thoughts and actions, play the vanguard role of party members to promote the development and growth of the enterprise.
3. Under the guidance of the party's principles and policies, combined with the actual development of the company, actively discuss the content, space and methods of party building activities, continue to lead the party building work in depth, continue to consolidate and strengthen the party's grass-roots organization in the enterprise, and give full play to the party building. The advantages of ideological and political work, the combination of rigid economic means and flexible educational means, make up for the insufficiency of enterprise management, promote the construction of enterprise culture and technological innovation, and promote the healthy and harmonious development of enterprises.
Fourth, the establishment of the party committee not only enables party members to find an organization, but also provides a good platform for the majority of cadres and employees to move closer to the party organization and receive the party's education. Everyone must strengthen their enterprising spirit and sense of responsibility, be loyal to their duties in work, and be practical Hard work, dedication and dedication, and earnestly accept the party's education, study the party's principles and policies, understand the party's spirit, and promote their own development and improvement.
This is a celebratory conference, a motivating conference, a forging conference! Finally, I hope that the majority of party members, cadres and all employees will take this conference as a new starting point, based on the new situation, unite efforts, unite together, share weal and woe, create brilliance together, and work hard to achieve the sound and rapid development of Henderson Group!

Shandong Henderson established a 4S store in Tai'an

In order to give you a more perfect vehicle experience, Henderson forklifts push the concept of "4S shop", so that you can experience the real "customer first" from pre-sales to after-sales, and respond to customer needs from zero distance. Henderson Forklift established a 4S store in Tai'an, which filled the gap of Henderson Forklift in Tai'an area and added a new choice for Tai'an people to buy forklifts.

Carry forward the spirit of Henderson and transmit the energy of Henderson

From June 7th to 8th, 2014, under the scorching sun, the Henderson Party member vanguard team gathered love, conveyed the true feelings, and distributed mineral water to college entrance examination students for free. In two days, more than 3,000 bottles were distributed in Yuncheng No. 1 Middle School. water.

Henderson Group's QC Results Conference in the First Half of 2013

At 9:00 am on July 15, 2013, the QC results conference for the first half of the year was held in the training room on the fifth floor of Henderson Group. Group directors, general managers and general managers of all branches attended the meeting. In the first half of the year, a total of 17 QC improvements were completed, saving more than 900,000 yuan for the company. At the meeting, the general manager of the group issued certificates to the winners.

Warmly celebrate the establishment of the Committee of the Communist Party of China Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd.

Hello everyone! With the high attention, strong support and careful help of the Yuncheng County Party Committee, the Yuhuangmiao Town Party Committee and the Park Management Committee, and after more than a month of active preparations by the company, today, we are here to hold the establishment of the Party Committee of Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd. General Assembly. Today is a good day.

Henderson Group fully implements lean production

Since July 2010, Shantui Bulldozer Division has hired Japanese experts to implement lean production activities, optimize supply chain systems, conduct quality inspections, reduce quality costs, improve appearance quality, implement standardized operations, and strictly control the processing process. Quality control has achieved good results. In order to cope with the severe situation at home and abroad, improve product quality, and meet the continuously improving quality service requirements of customers, the group has hired experts from abroad to provide guidance, carry out lean production activities to improve product quality, reduce quality costs, and train quality awareness, so as to improve Henderson's quality. overall level of improvement.