Opening Ceremony of 4S Store in Xi'an - Speech by Zhang Jian, General Manager of Hengcha Business Unit

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2022-08-27 14:32

Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests and friends:

good morning guys!

I am very honored to witness the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Hengcha Forklift Xi'an Main Store with you! Here, on behalf of the forklift division of Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd., I would like to express my warm welcome and sincere thanks to all of you!

Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd. is located in Yuncheng County, Heze City, the birthplace of the Water Margin culture. The long-standing traditional culture and the simple and hardworking Henderson people together nurture the Henderson Group's business philosophy of "down-to-earth and long-term development". Based on reality and far-sightedness, the leaders of the group have vigorously introduced senior talents and advanced equipment, which has provided a strong guarantee for the excellent quality of Henderson products and market expansion. After years of development and accumulation, Henderson Group now has fixed assets of 2.6 billion yuan, 86 scientific researchers, 578 acres of factory land, and 36 patents. Its products are exported to the world, making outstanding contributions to the development of the country and society. In 2018, it was rated as the leading enterprise of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Shandong Province.

In response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, and to promote the process of intelligentization of China's machinery industry, Henderson Group established the Forklift Division in September 2015, and officially started the research and development, production and sales of Henderson electric forklifts. Since the establishment of the forklift business department, all employees have united and worked hard to produce low-energy-consumption, pollution-free forklifts, and have achieved fruitful results. At present, Hengcha has a complete range of products, complete specifications, excellent quality, comfortable operation and perfect after-sales service, which have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers for Hengcha products, and also laid a good foundation for future product upgrades.

With the support of friends from all walks of life, Hengcha forklifts successfully entered the Shaanxi market. This is a major event in the development of Hengcha products in the central and western markets of China, and the leaders of the group have attached great importance to it. He also pointed out that the layout of the main store in Xi'an is an important measure of Hengcha Forklift's series of strategic deployments to enhance its brand, improve its services, and display new products. We firmly believe that all employees of the Xi'an head office can strive to be the first, quickly establish a sales network, and complete the market strategic layout of Hengcha products in the central and western regions.

In the days to come, Henderson Group will repay the support and love of friends from all walks of life in Shaanxi with high-quality products, and firmly believe that Hengcha products will win the trust of Shaanxi folks. Mountains and rivers depend on each other and stand together through thick and thin. Henderson Group will sincerely cooperate and work hard with Shaanxi Hengzhou to build its own world in the forklift market in the central and western regions and make its own contribution to the economic development of the central and western regions of China!

On this memorable day, I sincerely wish Hengcha forklifts to have deep roots and flourishing development in Shaanxi! I wish the opening ceremony of Hengcha Forklift Xi'an Head Office a complete success!


Shandong Henderson established a 4S store in Tai'an

In order to give you a more perfect vehicle experience, Henderson forklifts push the concept of "4S shop", so that you can experience the real "customer first" from pre-sales to after-sales, and respond to customer needs from zero distance. Henderson Forklift established a 4S store in Tai'an, which filled the gap of Henderson Forklift in Tai'an area and added a new choice for Tai'an people to buy forklifts.

Carry forward the spirit of Henderson and transmit the energy of Henderson

From June 7th to 8th, 2014, under the scorching sun, the Henderson Party member vanguard team gathered love, conveyed the true feelings, and distributed mineral water to college entrance examination students for free. In two days, more than 3,000 bottles were distributed in Yuncheng No. 1 Middle School. water.

Henderson Group's QC Results Conference in the First Half of 2013

At 9:00 am on July 15, 2013, the QC results conference for the first half of the year was held in the training room on the fifth floor of Henderson Group. Group directors, general managers and general managers of all branches attended the meeting. In the first half of the year, a total of 17 QC improvements were completed, saving more than 900,000 yuan for the company. At the meeting, the general manager of the group issued certificates to the winners.

Warmly celebrate the establishment of the Committee of the Communist Party of China Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd.

Hello everyone! With the high attention, strong support and careful help of the Yuncheng County Party Committee, the Yuhuangmiao Town Party Committee and the Park Management Committee, and after more than a month of active preparations by the company, today, we are here to hold the establishment of the Party Committee of Shandong Henderson Group Co., Ltd. General Assembly. Today is a good day.

Henderson Group fully implements lean production

Since July 2010, Shantui Bulldozer Division has hired Japanese experts to implement lean production activities, optimize supply chain systems, conduct quality inspections, reduce quality costs, improve appearance quality, implement standardized operations, and strictly control the processing process. Quality control has achieved good results. In order to cope with the severe situation at home and abroad, improve product quality, and meet the continuously improving quality service requirements of customers, the group has hired experts from abroad to provide guidance, carry out lean production activities to improve product quality, reduce quality costs, and train quality awareness, so as to improve Henderson's quality. overall level of improvement.