What are the advantages of our electric forklifts?

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2022-08-27 14:29

What are the advantages of Hengli electric forklifts?
The main reasons for the small proportion of electric forklifts in the domestic market are:
1. Compared with the internal combustion forklift, the electric forklift with the same load capacity has a higher one-time purchase cost (the current market price of an imported 3-ton internal combustion forklift in the domestic market is about 110,000, and the market price of an imported 3-ton electric forklift is About 190,000 yuan, including batteries and chargers. The purchase price differs by about 80,000 yuan).
2. Confused about battery replacement and charging.
3. Electric forklifts have high technical requirements for maintenance.
In fact, except that one is indeed a main reason, the latter two are related to the use and maintenance knowledge. If you have been trained in better maintenance knowledge and supported by the manufacturer's good after-sales service, the latter two points cannot be User confusion.
What needs to be highlighted here are some of the advantages of electric forklifts that have not been noticed. In addition to the characteristics of low noise and no exhaust emissions, the many advantages of electric forklifts are in fact the use and maintenance costs of electric forklifts. Big advantages, specific advantages are reflected in the following aspects:
1. Cost of use:
The consumption cost of electricity is much lower than the consumption cost of diesel oil or liquefied petroleum gas. If we compare a forklift with a load capacity of three tons, the diesel consumption of a diesel internal combustion forklift per shift (according to the consumption of 40 liters of diesel per shift, the vehicle consumes 5.5 liters of diesel per hour for 60 VDI cycles) ) costs about 196 yuan (4.9 yuan per liter of diesel). If a three-ton electric forklift uses an 80-volt 500AH battery (the battery has a storage capacity of 80X500=40 kWh), operating a shift (discharge 80%, according to the 120% supplementary charging ratio, it needs to consume about The cost is about 140 yuan (calculated according to the current industrial electricity consumption of 3.5 yuan per kWh). It can save 56 yuan per day and 14,000 yuan in energy cost per year if calculated according to 250 working days. If you use 5 years to calculate, you can save 70,000 yuan.
Due to its simple and flexible operation and control of electric forklifts, the operating intensity of its operators is much lighter than that of internal combustion forklifts. Its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and braking system are all controlled by electric signals, which greatly reduces the It reduces the labor intensity of the operator, which is of great help to improve the work efficiency and accuracy of the work.
2. Maintenance cost:
Maintenance cycle, the maintenance cycle of electric forklifts is two to three times longer than that of internal combustion forklifts. Usually, the maintenance cycle of internal combustion forklifts is up to 500 working hours, and many electric forklifts can already achieve a maintenance cycle of more than 1000 hours.
Maintenance content, the maintenance of electric forklifts is much simpler than the maintenance of internal combustion forklifts. Usually, it only needs to lubricate some joint movable parts such as gantry bearings, steering axles, etc., mainly for inspection and cleaning, at most every 2000 or 3000 hours. To change the hydraulic oil, gear oil and hydraulic filter, the other materials required are very limited. In addition to the lubrication of the internal combustion forklift, the engine oil and oil filter should be replaced every 500 hours (generally about every 300 hours), and the hydraulic oil, engine oil, transmission oil and these oil filters should be replaced every 1,000 hours. device. Also replace the belts (timing belt for the engine, generator belt, etc). If we still take a three-ton forklift as an example, based on 2000 hours of operation per year, the maintenance cost of the internal combustion forklift is 3,000 – 4,000 yuan (only material costs), while the maintenance cost of the electric forklift is only 1,000 – 4,000 yuan. 1,500 yuan (material cost).
The time required for maintenance, because the maintenance interval of the electric forklift is much longer than that of the internal combustion forklift, and the time required for each maintenance is much less than that of the internal combustion forklift, which greatly saves the labor cost required for maintenance. What is more substantial is that the downtime of the forklift is greatly shortened, and the economic benefits brought by the improved work efficiency of the forklift are difficult to calculate.
3. Service life:
The service life of the battery of an electric forklift is 1,500 charge-discharge cycles, which is equivalent to about 10,000 hours of working hours of the forklift, which is also equivalent to the engine overhaul time of an internal combustion forklift. At this time, the battery of the electric forklift is replaced. The cost is relatively close to the cost of engine overhaul, but the speed of replacing the battery is much faster than the speed of overhauling the engine (or the speed of replacing the engine), which also reflects the advantage of time efficiency.
So far, we can see that although the cost of purchasing electric forklifts is 30% higher than that of internal combustion forklifts with the same load capacity, the total cost of use can be directly measured by data. , In fact, the total cost of using an electric forklift is much lower than that of an internal combustion forklift.
4. Environmental protection and energy saving:
On the one hand, more and more forklifts operate indoors, so the requirements for vehicle exhaust emissions are getting higher and higher. Europe and the United States and other places have strictly stipulated that the use of internal combustion forklifts is prohibited indoors. Even though domestic laws and regulations in my country have not yet begun to strictly restrict the indoor use of internal combustion forklifts, the advantages of electric vehicles with low noise and no exhaust emissions have been recognized by many users compared to internal combustion forklifts.
5. Scope of use:
There are also some technical reasons for choosing an electric forklift. The rapid development of electronic control technology has made the operation of electric forklifts more and more comfortable. Aisle forklifts, etc., cannot be achieved by internal combustion forklifts, but electric forklifts solve these problems, especially in warehousing and logistics system solutions.
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