Precautions for the use of lead-acid batteries for electric forklifts

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2022-08-27 14:27

Precautions for the use of lead-acid batteries for Henderson forklifts
Electric forklifts have high requirements on batteries. Improper use will shorten the service life of batteries. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of batteries is very important. Henderson Forklift reminds users that the precautions for use are as follows:
1. Charging:
Charging is a very important part of the daily maintenance of the battery. If the charging work is not timely or in place, it will seriously shorten the service life of the battery.
(1) Since the temperature of the electrolyte will increase by about 10°C during the charging process, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the battery electrolyte is lower than 45°C before charging, otherwise it needs to be properly cooled before proceeding;
(2) After the forklift is used, it should be replenished in time. If the battery is not deeply discharged, the charging time of the 80% discharged battery should be guaranteed to be within 8-10 hours, so that the battery must be fully charged before it can be used. It will cause damage to the battery plates and shorten the service life of the battery.
(3) If it is a manually set charger, it needs to be set according to the battery capacity and the actual condition of the battery to prevent overcharging;
(4) During the charging process, the cover of the forklift should be opened to facilitate the heat dissipation and exhaust of the battery during charging;
(5) A certain interval should be maintained between the batteries in the charging area, and there should be good ventilation conditions to prevent various forms of fire sources in the charging environment or around during use. The copper wires in cables and connecting bars should not be exposed. The plug must be connected in place, and do not pull the plug near the battery outlet, otherwise hydrogen will explode due to open flames or static sparks;
(6) After charging, the battery should be placed for 1 hour before being put into use;
(7) The battery needs to be charged and maintained once every half a month to a month or so, and the battery that is not stored for a long time should be recharged once a month.

2. Maintenance:
(1) After the battery has been used for a period of time, it needs to be replenished in time. The replenishment level should be within the specified range, and the water should be replenished after charging (but it must always be ensured that the electrolyte level does not exceed the electrode plate)
(2) Distilled water or deionized water should be supplemented for replenishing water, and no other substances should be added to prevent internal self-discharge of the battery;
(3) Common tools for replenishing water to batteries include: measuring cups, simple adding buckets, water filling carts, etc. Do not use metal utensils to replenish water to the battery, generally choose plastic containers.
(4) The frequency of water replenishment is generally related to the frequency of battery use, charging and temperature;
(5) If the battery is usually replenished with too much water, gas will be generated during charging, which will cause the electrolyte to overflow the monomer, resulting in leakage of the battery surface, corrosion of the connecting strip and other components, and reduction of the battery capacity. Therefore, the battery should be cleaned and scrubbed regularly to avoid losses. ;
(6) If the battery is often short of water, the lead bridge and the pole plate will be exposed to the liquid level after the liquid level drops, which will be oxidized and cause the deterioration of the pole plate; and only the lower half of the pole plate will react with the electrolyte, resulting in capacity As the liquid level drops, it will also cause the battery to charge and the temperature rise during use is very high, so the service life of the battery is greatly shortened.
3. Cleaning:
(1) The surface of the battery should be kept as clean and dry as possible to prevent the risk of leakage due to residual electrolyte on the surface of the battery.
(2) The battery with no leakage holes at the bottom should be scrubbed, and a wet rag should be used. Do not use a dry rag, feather duster, etc., otherwise it is easy to generate static electricity and cause serious consequences such as battery explosion;
4. Use:
(1) The depth of discharge of the battery cannot exceed 80% of the nominal capacity of the battery (displayed on the forklift indicator) to prevent shortening the service life of the battery;
(2) If the temperature of the battery is too high (greater than 55°C) during use, please stop using it and let the battery cool down properly;
(3) Two or more main actions (such as advancing and lifting the fork) should not be carried out at the same time in the work of the forklift to prevent the battery from discharging large currents and shorten the battery life;
(4) The battery must not be overturned or severely impacted during use, otherwise it will affect the performance of the plate;
5. Other matters needing attention:
(1) When pulling out the battery plug, please do not pull the cable to prevent the copper wire inside the cable from being exposed or even falling off at the plug terminal;
(2) Please keep the liquid injection plug of the battery intact and clean to prevent debris from entering the cell and affecting the performance of the battery;
(3) Every month, check whether the connecting parts (such as cable terminals, connecting wires, plugs, sockets, etc.) are tight, whether there is bare metal and whether the external insulating parts are missing.
(4) If the accessories are damaged due to the long service life, they should be replaced in time;
(5) Do not use wiring clips to connect the battery for other purposes;

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